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    acropora-cytherea-chris-maupin.jpg Exposed Acropora cytherea at Malakalu, Vanuatu. Photo by Chris Maupin

    The Winter edition of Reefs Magazine has hit the virtual newsstand and we’re impressed by it’s diversity of juicy aquarium topics. The lead story ‘From Muck to Mantas’ is an article on Milne Bay Povince in Papua New Guinea, a place described as a “magical and mysterious place” by Scott Michael. Scott is one of the most productive marine aquarium authors of all time and Muck to Mantas does not disappoint, you’ve got to skim the piece at least for it’s great photographs.

    Some other articles in the Winter 2011 Reefs Magazine include a discussion of Partial Mortality and the Phoenix Effect by myself (Jake Adams), the captive care of the dwarf cardinalfish (Apogon parvulus) by Matt Wandell, an overview of leopard wrasses by Simon Garratt, and Rich Ross’s third installment of his Skeptical Reefing where the ceph-head takes a closer look at what sustainability really means.

    We are especially delighted to see a debtu article from young reefer Robert Loren on propagating Heliofungia, that’s right, on cutting up long tentacle plate corals. Finally, if this issue of Reefs Magazine starts off with a bang of eye candy, it also goes out with one in Christopher Maupin’s drool worthy Malakula Visions article. Chris is a paleoclimatologist who traveled to Vanuatu to study coral reef formations and while he was there, he made a point to capture a ton of amazing images of corals living right up to and out of the water surface.
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