Windows 10, who's got it?


4 May 2007
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So who's rocking the new Windows 10? What do you think of it?

I've upgraded and I have a few niggles about it, my biggest and most frustrating one is that the new Edge browser won't import my favourites from Firefox :cursing:
how many favorites do you have?

What is the install package size?
The UI is too flat for my liking. I preferred the UI of 8. I did not do a clean install and it did not get all the drivers right. had to redo the display drivers. maybe it will be fine with a clean install.
Did you guys learn nothing from Kingsmen???
I managed after fighting my pc for ages and finally removing my second drive to get it to windows 10. but i am really enjoying it. I like the flat UI, its MILES better than 8
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