Win everything you spent @ PET STOP SA back!!!!

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    Win Your entire aquarium spent back!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    I LOVED your aquariums (entered into the lucky draw), even more than you can imagine. But every single owner I spoke to wanted to make their prized possession even BETTER.

    How can I HELP?

    Well I cannot go to everyone BUT I can help financially by starting the following competition.

    Win your entire aquarium spent @ PET STOP SA back!!!!

    How will I do this?

    · Starting today 24/03/2016 we will have entry cards at the till point.

    · You take a card/form and then all your spending will be noted on your card.

    · On Monday 04/07/2016 we will start to collect filled in cards/forms and 2 weeks later on Saturday 16/07/2016 one of you will win a voucher to the same value YOU SPENT ON THAT CARD.

    · The winner will receive a voucher to the SAME VALUE as the amount he spend at Pet Stop SA over this period.

    Terms & Conditions:

    · You have to hand in your card(s) before 14/07/2016 – late entry’s will not qualify

    · every time you buy, Your card must be filled in & signed by the till lady

    · You must keep your card with you and produce it with the actual purchase. Pet Stop staff are NOT ALLOWED to keep any card on behalf of clients

    · No card can be signed afterword’s, you must ensure your card is with you when you do the purchase PLEASE – preventing fraud

    · This is a lucky draw so EVERYONE stand an equal chance

    · Staff does not qualify

    · This competition is @ Pet Stop SA only (this time – next time the other stores will participate J )

    · Clients that buy via Talita (outside shipping/courier clients) you qualify as well, as long as you ensure that you and Talita keep the same score.

    · If your card is full an additional one will be given to you and added onto your total, therefore you do not lose out J

    · The lucky draw is final. No correspondence will be entered into.

    · The winning cards owner does not need to be present at the lucky draw.

    · Lost card will be replaced with a new one but NO sales can be transferred from a lost card to the new one.

    · Damaged card will be replaced and the sales clearly noted on it transferred to the new card. Ineligible transactions cannot be transferred

    · The winning card’s voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

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