Comp: Win a complete Nano!!!!!!

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4 May 2007
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Win a complete nano !!!


Compliments of Live Aquatics



  • You may only enter 1 photo of your tank/aquarium
  • The tank must be your own
  • Your aquarium must have been running for at least 3 months and must contain livestock (fish and or corals)
  • The winner will be chosen by an online random number generator
  • The winner will be required to provide a second confirmation photo of the tank, taken from a slightly different angle.
  • You must reside within South Africa
The competition will close at midnight on the 4th October 2018 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

To enter:

1. Upload a photo of your tank in this thread
2. Give us a brief description of your tank with information such as: light setup, skimmer, pumps, wave-makers, tank size, sump info, your basic maintenance regime or any tips you'd like to share.

Have fun and a massive thank you to Live Aquatics for the prize :thumbup:
1 Jan 2018
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Was so looking forward to this competition when Live Aquatics announced it a week or so back. But now i'm really disappointed to see that you need a running tank to win this. Would be nice getting back into the hobby with this. I'm sure there are other members feeling the same way, especially those that want to start for the first time. Just me 2c.
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24 Oct 2013
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Cape Town
Howdy reefers. Lets get this rolling. If we are supposed to post in a specific thread then please move it mods.

Lighting - Zetlight 6600 and dual ati T5's.
Filtration - Bubble magus curve 5 skimmer.
Refugium - Chaeto with a KELO lee unit to keep the chaeto pumping with growth.
Flow- Jecod return pump and Jebao RW8 and a super duper sun sun.

I dose DIY chemicals through a jebao dosing pump.

I dose continuum and iodine when I have the chance.

I keep the water topped up with a reef octopus auto topup.

With the recent additions of a few more LPS and 2 fish, my tank is starting to really take shape.

Water changes with 2 Oceans aquarium water every 2 months or when I have the chance, its a good 30% water change.

As I spend tons of time out of the country, my advice is to make sure you have a wife-gf-bf that shares your passion. It makes life so much easier if you travel a lot. Plus having debates over livestock and coral is the best!


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1 Jan 2018
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:m41: :m01:

Tank :RR Pro Nano 35
Lightning :Orpek V4
Filtration : 20% WC every other week
Flow : Waving motion of fish fins.

This skimmerless, sumpless, pumpless setup runs on 35ppt AF saltmix. A trio blend of bioactive bacteria solution works in harmony with a daily dose of 0.5ml vodka @42%. This allows for a ULNS that requires a daily dose of the following Zeovit suppliments.

All days - 0.25ml drop triobak
2x day - 0.25ml zeostart

2x week - 1 drops zeofood
2x week - 1.5 drops SP
2x week - 1 drops AAHC
2x week - 2 drops coral snow

1x Mini YT About the size of a R1 coin. (Tang Police?)
1x Breeding Pair of Clownfish
1x Pink Birdsnest

Running 720 hours, 44 mins and 33 sec at midnight 4 Oct 2018


Visit MASA everyday.
Always post pictures of your for sale items.
Don't forget to post a FTS of your tank.
Never post upside down pictures.
Don't chase numbers.
Don't be afraid of the Tang Police.
A TDS of 5 is still OK.
A PO4 of 2ppm is NOT OK.
Just sit back and enjoy reefkeeping!
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28 Oct 2015
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My Red sea Reefer 425xl. Running 2 Hydra 26HDs. Have a Bubble magus curve D9 skimmer but had to fit with sp4000 pump due to replacement parts not being available. 1x Jebao rw 8 wave maker and adding 2x rw15s soon. 2x bubble magus BM 100 reactors and a jebao DC 4000 return pump.

Sump cleanup every 3 months and weekly 10% waterchange.
Sea hare is a little beast to control neisance algea.

Love the setup and have a lot of rock in 80kg worth and about 40kg of aragonite.
15 Jul 2018
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Cape Town
Was so looking forward to this competition when Live Aquatics announced it a week or so back. But now i'm really disappointed to see that you need a running tank to win this. Would be nice getting back into the hobby with this. I'm sure there are other members feeling the same way, especially those that want to start for the first time. Just me 2c.
I feel the same I just about am finishing off tank cycling! now i cant enter :m29:
7 May 2007
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Gonubie East London
Guys dont stress I'm sure with the feedback given we will formulate another competition idea for the future, in fact I challenge you to come up with a competition and submit it to admin ;) please open a thread under forums suggestion and feedback and let's work on getting the next one underway!

On with the comp.. can mods enter?


28 Aug 2017
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Tank 1500x600x700
Sump 1200x450x450
With dsb in the middle of sump
2x zetlights 6600
1x wp 10 wave maker 4000l/h
2x sobo 50m wave maker 3000l/h
2x sunsun jvp131 wave maker 4000l/h
1x sobo 400m wave maker 10000l/h
1x 600l/h wave maker
1x 3000l/h return pump
1x bubble magic curve 5 skimmer
1x berlin red sea skimmer
1x heater.
I top up with R/o water and do 10% once a week or once every 2 weeks.
A supplement my tank with aquaforest 1.2.3.


4 May 2007
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Was so looking forward to this competition when Live Aquatics announced it a week or so back. But now i'm really disappointed to see that you need a running tank to win this. Would be nice getting back into the hobby with this. I'm sure there are other members feeling the same way, especially those that want to start for the first time. Just me 2c.
This is a separate/different competition to their other one. :)
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3 May 2016
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My Juwel Rio240

Juwel 240 1200 x 410 x 500
No Sump, Fluval 306 Canister filter filled with Seachem Matrix and Fluval Canister media
Juwel Seaskim skimmer
Juwel Biofilter M
Zetlight Lancia 1047 x 2 with Controller, max white at 50%, Max blue at 100% - 10 Hours lighting/day.
1 x Jebao SW8 Wavemaker
200w Juwel heater
Hailea HC130 Chiller

I prefer to use Seachem and Redsea products and have been doing so for the last 3 years.
For salt mix I use Seachem Vibrant sea.
I also dose Seachem Ca and/or reef complete if needed to keep Ca, Mg in check, but this is generally not needed due to frequent water changes.
Testing of parameters with Redsea kits every two weeks.

Ca at ~430
Mg at ~1300
Alk at ~7.5 - 8.0
Nitrates at ~20
Phosphates at ~0.1
Salinity at ~1.025 - 1.026
Temperature at 25 - 26ºC

Maintenance includes a 10% Water change every week, 25% once every two months or so. R0 top up with about 1 - 2 liters per week, replacement of the Juwel Bioflow polishing filter pad and cleaning of the skimmer.
Bioflow filter cleaning every 2 - 3 months.
Fluval Canister cleaning every 2 - 3 months.

Livestock feeding:
I don't keep lots of fish, but they do eat well, I prefer to feed only frozen...feeding include Ocean nutrition Artemia, Artemia with Spirulina and Mysis. Feeding only once every two days.
Sun coral feeding twice a week (Mysis/Artemia).
Supplementing with Feul (half of prescribed dose) every 2 to 3 weeks.
Feeding Seachem Plankton once a month.


Thank you for the opportunity to share!
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Clone Fish
28 May 2008
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Cresta, JHB
So, apparently mods can also enter, hope if one of the mods win it is not KPMG who audited the results. Here goes.

Red Sea Max 650:

Lights - 3x100w Cree XTE hybrid cool white/royal blue chips and 4xT5 tubes (combination of Purple Plus, Blue Plus and actinic), lights stagger on and off 11h00-21h00
Flow pumps - Red sea standard pumps in back, Coral Box 16k l/h pump, Jebao Gyre pump
Return pump - Reef Octopus Water Blaster 12500
Sump - Idol Marine Sump
Inside sump - refugium trying to grow chaeto
Skimmer - Reef Octopus 3000ext skimmer
Dosing - Reef Fusion 1 and 2 on auto doser
Other filtration 1 - 10 micron filter socks in sump changed twice a week
Other filtration 2 - Matrix stones run in biopellet reactor
Auto top up - Float switch connected to RO directly
Disease control - 55w UV sterilizer and 100mg/h ozone run through main skimmer

Clean glass twice a week
Change filter socks twice a week
50%-60% water change every 2-3 months
Clean skimmer cup once a week
Test alk and nitrate once a week

Around 25 fish currently, mostly wrasses and angels (highlights for me are a margined copperband, a pair of bicolour angels, 2 regal angels (still hoping they will pair up), 1 masked swallowtail angel (still need another one) and a lennardi wrasse). No big herbivores apart from foxface.
Corals are mostly softies, zoas and some LPS, trying to stay away from SPS due to not having enough time to give them the attention they need. Also a massive magnifica anemone on the right that I've had for almost a year now.


7 Aug 2018
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AIO peninsula tank.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-03 at 8.33.59 PM.jpeg

Light: Zetlight 1201-L
Skimmer: Bubble magnus gg2
Filteration: Stock

25% Water change weekly
Clean glass twice a week
Filteration and skimmer clean every 2 weeks

2 OC Clown and one Red leg hermit crab
Corals include: Hammer,frogspawn,candycane,zoa,gsp,xenia
6 Sep 2018
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800mmX400mmX400m 10mm Glass
3 Stage Filter Awith Bubble Magus QQ Protien Skimmer & Bubble Magus WP 1000 Return Pump Dual Tunze Wavemakers
Lighting ZETLIGHT 8300 with WiFi controller.

2years 10 months old

Maint: Weekly Dosing of Red Sea Reef Foundation A<B<C
Daily NoPox & Coral Nutrition A&B
25% Water Change Monthly
Chaeto in the sump

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28 Jul 2014
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My entry:

Dimension: 1700x65x60

2 x Orphek atlantic v4 lights
4 x Vortech MP40's
1 x Jebao SW8
4 x 300w heaters
Jebao DC12000 return
Aquamedic turbo floater 3000 skimmer
GHL profilux 2 Plus
SAGA dual switch auto top up
Jebao 3 port doser
Magic wave 3 port doser
STC 1000 - heaters + cooling system
Phosbond and carbon filters
Mecer 3kVA pure sine wave inverter + 2 x 200AH batteries

Auto top up with RO
NO water changes
Clean glass once a week
Clean skimmer cup when required
Change phosbond and carbon once a month
Dose Ca, Mg, Alk, Vinegar, Fe, Sr
Feed every couple of days with Seachem fuel, phytoplankton, zoopklankton
Feed fish once a day with Flakes: Ocean nutrition Shrimp, Sea wheet (the green one), Nori, Frozen: Mysis and and angel food.
Test Ca, Mg, alk, I, No3, PO4, salinity, pH once a week
Chaeto in the sump

1 x Foxface
1 x Yellow belly Regal tang
1 x Purple tang
3 x Clowns
1 X Nennie
1 x Bengai cardinal
2 x blue chromis
2 x Swallow tail angels
3 x hermits
couple of LPs
predominant SPS
couple of softies
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7 Dec 2017
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Tank is a 500 cube with 2 refugiums, One with calupra and one with cheato.
Light = Coralbox M1 - MD Fuge is a vertex light
Flow = MP40 in DT and mp10 in fuge
Return pump = DC3000
Tank is fully automated with a Reef angle.
DIY Dosing via doser
Life Stock:
Pair of clowns
Sand sifting goby
Royal grama
Bangai Cardinal
2 x fire shrimps
Boxer shrimp
2 x anemone crabs
Emerald crab
Various snails
Sea urchin
2 Nov 2011
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Light: Zetlight Shieldo zs7300, about 15cm above water surface (I'd appreciate suggestions on the preferred height above water)
Skimmer: Bubble Magus Curve 5 (in about 25cm constant water depth)
Uplift pump: Bubble Magus Rock pump WP4000
Wave-maker:Glamorca GP03 - Gyre
Heater: 1 x Jager 300w heater, 1 x 200w Jager heater.
Tank size: 110cm x 80cm x 60cm high (corner display)
Sump info: 90cm x 60cm split into 3 compartments, 1st: filter socks and skimmer and heaters, 2nd: a lot of foam, 3rd: uplift pump, carbon, and some biological cubes for more filtration)
Fish - 2x chromis, 2x clowns, 1x copperband butterfly, 1x sea urchin.
Coral - 1x hammer, 1x frogspawn, 1x rock of mushrooms, 1x leather, 3x rocks of zoas.
Clean up crew - Nerite and Nassarius snails ( I want more as they so active I enjoy watching them pop up at feeding time)
Basic maintenance regime: Daily top ups, monthly water changes including the necessary dosing of supplements (cant remember the names)
Any tips: Everyone is an expert with a lot of advice, listen and learn if it makes sense... if it doesn't make sense, research until it does or until you've learned enough to understand why.
Pic: This is only the 4th month, I'm going very slowly so the tank still looks bare.
Traut's reef.jpg

p.s. I know this isn't a great pic, but for now I'm not taking as many pics as I want as the pics don't do justice and also I don't have much livestock.
8 Sep 2015
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Devon's Floating Reef


ZERO Water Change, Bare Bottom, ULM System!

As long as one has sufficient Nutrient export, and major and minor elements are replenished to set parameters, there is no need for water changes!


  • Reeftek TS2 Skimmer
  • Reef Octopus Media Reactor- DIY Chaetomorpha reactor, magnificently lit with white LED Strips
  • 1 L- Matrix Bio Media Stones
  • Red Devil DC Uplift Pump
  • 4 Channel Dosing Pump
  • Media Bag with Aquaforrest carbon (This is a must for No water change Systems)
Main Display Tank-
  • Zetlight 6600- LED Expertly tuned
  • 3 x Constant flow pumps

I dose Red Sea:
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Aquavitro- Fuel
Stability is Key!
Definitely Check out Aquarium Note on your App store its free and you can record everything!

Screenshot_20180906-114941_Aquarium Note.jpg
Water Parameters:

  • Calcium- 450
  • Magnesium- 1350
  • Alkalinity- 11 DKH
  • Nitrates less than 5 ppm
  • Phosphates- 0.1
  • Salinity-1.026
  • Temperature at 25ºC

  • Weekly Skimmer Cup Cleaning
  • White Perpex Bare Bottom cleaning when necessary
  • Display Tank Glass Cleaning when necessary
  • RODI (0ppm) top ups
Weekly Water Tests:
  • Alk, Mag, Calc, Salinity, Nitrate, and Phosphate (Will start testing for Iodine
Coral feeding:
  • I use Fuel twice a week at the recommended Does for my water volume 20 minutes before target feeding- Fule innites a brillaint feeding response from my corals- They Know whats coming!
  • Polyplab Reef Roids- I target feed all coral twice a week. They cant get enough- This stuff is amazing
Fish Feeding:
  • I feed Reef Prime Flakes Daily
  • I feed Frozen Mysis shrimp on special occasions (IF they have been good).

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