RSS Will we see Maxijet propeller upgrade kits from Marineland?

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    The Maxijet has gotten a much needed refresh to its packaging and accessories which now ships with a convertible housing for impeller and propeller flow use. Over the last decade and a half that we’ve been reefing, Marineland has not only been good about offering spare parts to keep their products going, they are renowned for it. With the new Maxijet now having a Marineland-sanctioned propeller and housing that turns the powerhead into a propeller pump, we assume that it is only a matter of time before these propeller pump parts are available to purchase separately. With no official word yet from Marineland, it will be interesting to see if the propeller and housing will be available separately, or if Marineland may indeed combine these into an upgrade kit for propeller conversions of the tens of thousands of Maxijet powerheads already in use around the world.
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