Will this be enough flow & should it be variable?

4 Sep 2007
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hi guys,

i had a chat with moolis this weekend (he's setting up my systemhttp://www.sareefkeeping.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7728 http://www.marineaquariumsa.com/showthread.php?t=155)

he suggested we put in 2 x CLS's in both tanks each running off a 6000l/p pump (i.e. 4 x CLS's @ 6000l/p)

he also mentioned that there's different schools when it comes to flow... those that prefer variable flow & those that prefer constant flow, he suggested that we don't bother with SCWD / ocean motion devices etc. as he runs he's setups very successfully with constant flow...

(1) will this flow be enough? or should i also add 2 x resun 15000l/h wavemakers in each tank (not safe for nennies?)? or can i get hold of stronger pumps for the CLS's to make them sufficient? (total water volume +/- 1400l)

(2) should i put in variable flow as opposed to constant flow for the CLS's?

many thanks again!
Punk the amount of water flow needed is dependant on the live stock you are looking at keeping. Unfotunatly you will only be able to test when it is set up as you want water movement through out you tank and have no dead spots.
hello, i want to eventually keep SPS, moolis is building the inlets with T-pieces so i can at least rotate them up & down?
Sounds cool, you will have to judge when the pumps are in. What pumps are you thinking of using?
Depends on what you want to keep. Some areas of the reef have constant flow, some random.
Guys don't confuse constant flow with laminar [one directional] flow. Very few corals will thrive long term under laminar flow.
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