will it spread?

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    Kreupelbosch (CPT)

    I have had my Boyu TL550 for 3 months and these were my parameters last night:

    salinity: 1.023
    Ph 8.0
    Kh 10 (sera)
    Kh 11.5 (red sea)
    NH4 - 0
    N02 - 0
    N03 - <10
    Mg 1400
    Ca 410

    1) This morning I noticed that my new clown (I drip acclimatized for 1hr) had a think slime coating over it and my cleaner shrimp was giving it a really hard time. The one side fin also looked like it was a little stiff. No funny swimming. No funny breathing. Eating okay. I separated but two hours later ne was a dead Nemo.

    When I found it (some two hours later) and took some photos a red patch (secondary bacterial infection?) was visible on its tummy and the slime layer seemed to have disappeared.

    So, what was it ? and will my other fish get it. So far they look fine (2 blue-green chromes, lawnmower blenny, citron goby)

    2) after having a closer inspection of all my fish to ascertain health i discovered that the other clown has white lumpy growths on the its fins. otherwise absolutely fine.... Looks like a fungus.

    So where to from here.... :(
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    This sounds like Oodinium...
    Marine Oodinium; Information about Brooklynella & Amyloodinium Ocellatum

    Many might say Brooklynella as it seems to be almost the same and usually associated with Clowns...
    Brooklynella (Clownfish Disease) - Marine Aquariums of South Africa

    This almost sounds like Cauliflower Disease...any chance you can post a pic...? My clown once had a "growth" and thankfully in my case it was just "fluff"...don't know how he got it...:p...so a pic would help...just sounds so wrong to get whacked with 2 diseases at the same time...:(
    Common Fish Diseases - Marine Aquariums of South Africa
    LYMPHOCYSTIS Fish Help/Disease.

    I would suggest all you'r Fishy's get QT...keep that DT Fish free for a while...hopefully someone else can come along and maybe give you better advise or maybe diagnose it properly..if I'm wrong..:blush:
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    Read the post from Belinda, good info there!
    Please post some pics.

    Do you have a QT tank?

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