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    Clownfish aberrations are now so common with basically all captive bred fish being an amplification of these mutations, that we don’t bat an eye when we see a solid white clownfish anymore. However when the aberrant clownfish is wild caught, with such a severe degree of misbarring such as this, it really is worth bringing it to your attention.

    This highly unusual, practically un-barred Amphiprion ocellaris clownfish is downright weird. Not since the Golden Clownfish have we seen such a severe degree of mutation in the appearance of the common clownfish. While the Golden Clownfish was collected in Indonesia, this new eye-turning anemonefish was collected in the Philippines by prolific fish procurers at RVS Fishworld.

    This intriguing specimen doesn’t have a complete bar on its entire body, with just a trace of white color on the edge of its gills, a white spot in the middle of its body where a central bar ought to be, and tail bar just doesn’t quite reach all the way across the peduncle. The softness of the white markings, with no black outline has a ghostly appearance which is almost reminiscent of the Amphiprion thiellei hybrid clownfish ‘species’.

    With such an unusual attire, it is beyond our speculation as to what particular aberration is responsible for such a uniquely patterned common clownfish. Either way, the wild origin of this fish is what truly makes it exciting and we cant wait to see what curveball mother nature will throw us next.

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