Wicked Marine Tanks

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    Here is a thread of some of the systems I personally enjoy, due to the story and beauty, no particular order.

    Inspiration stuff :thumbup:

    Puppy's setup - Members Systems and Setups
    Welcome to the stick kingdom

    Mekaeel's 1m Cube Reef - Members Systems and Setups
    Durban's stick pyramid

    Sean's Concrete tank Photos - Members Systems and Setups
    This man knows his stuff when it comes to concrete

    Alans poison - Members Systems and Setups
    Can't wait to see this GEM in the flesh

    Surgeon's Setup - Members Systems and Setups
    A lost beauty, but not forgotten

    Sunburst's Colourful Bare Bottom - Members Systems and Setups
    The lazy reefer's dream

    Mekaeel's tank - Members Systems and Setups
    Another lost beauty

    Enter the Dragon - Members Systems and Setups
    The name says it all

    Irie ivan's setup - Members Systems and Setups
    Let the reef do the talking

    Alfie's Tank - Members Systems and Setups
    Personal favourite, Alfie has the pink fingers

    Featured Aquarium: Greg Timms' 130 Gallon Reef - General Discussions
    International member that sets the highest standards

    Sub's Evo 2 - Reef Tanks
    Wow, someone has a clam fetish

    Reef Maniac's "Indoor Reef" - Members Systems and Setups
    Nice story

    Thalion's Tank - Members Systems and Setups
    This tank inspired me to run a system with T5's only

    JacquesB's latest reformed aquascaped tank pics - Members Systems and Setups
    This tank is proof that any problem can be overcome

    Viper's Algae Farm - Members Systems and Setups
    Maybe the butt of alot of algae jokes, but this tank has taught many how to overcome the dreaded GHA and still be sane ;)

    Featured System April 2008 - Midasblenny - Featured Tanks
    Wow, this man knows his stuff and has helpe me along my marine journey
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    14 Nov 2007
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    Leak testing my new tank now, you can add it in a month or so:biggrin:
  4. jacquesb

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    Cape Town
    Thanks Warr - I feel honored to be mentioned. Yeah - took some learning and experimenting and quite a bit of hard work to get the tank here.....

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