Why should we keep our fish in breeding condition?

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    I am in a writing mood and getting excited because tomorrow is Thanksgiving (here in the US anyway) and I had a few ideas banging around in this bald head so I figured I would post some of them. I also see my name mentioned in a few places as the Paul b method of keeping fish healthy. But "my method" if there is such a thing won't work unless it is done correctly so don't blame me if your fish are croaking. By the way, this is all just my opinion and I am an electrician, not a marine biologist, rocket scientist, or rap singer.
    I know I mentioned this fifty times but I am going to re iterate.
    The first thing that I am sure we all know is that fish are slimy. There is a reason fish are slimy. Do fish want to be slimy? I don't know, do you want to be slimy? It would do us no good to be slimy unless we wanted to get into tight places. Actually, fish do that and I guess the slime helps with that but that is not the reason for the slime. Fish, unlike us, manufacture antibodies in a few places in their bodies and much of it is made in their slime glands. Slime is a great place to store antibodies because it completely covers a fish and as we know, it is sticky. Unfortunately for the fish, it does not cover their gills because that would prevent them from breathing but the gills have their own protection other than slime.
    Eels are very slimy and I doubt they ever get sick, but I really don't know.
    Anyway fish and humans have much better immune systems when they are pregnant. We do, well not me, I am a manly man, but females do as some human diseases either go away or get much better when they are pregnant. It's the body's way to protect the baby. I know that Multiple Sclorosis in humans gets much better while a woman is pregnant.
    But i am not a woman doctor or any other kind of doctor, I am just a bald guy with a fish tank.
    Back to fish. Fish are much different than us (well most of us, but I did date a girl in Colorado that resembled a flounder)
    Fish for some reason have reved up immune systems when they are in breeding condition. Why? I don't know, work with me here.
    I don't know exactly why but in almost 60 years of keeping, collecting, eating and raising fish I learned a few things. I learned much of it from killing multitudes of fish from ich and just about everything else until I found the secret. I am sorry fish that I didn't discover these things sooner.
    For some reason, fish in breeding condition just don't get sick.
    For a fish to be able to grow eggs, which may be a third of the fishes weight in a week or two requires a lot of energy from the fish.
    My tiny pair of clown gobies spawned 4 or 5 times in the last three weeks, that is like a woman having a baby every other tuesday. Imagine the diaper and college expenses. Some fish, like damsels can get into breeding condition by just looking at another, good looking damsel, but most fish can not.
    I see all the time that I am missquoted and just recommend that you feed some blackworms and the fish will miraculously get into great condition and be immune from everything including bubonic plague, radiation poisoning and a multitude or social conditions. That is not exactly correct.
    I do recomment live (not freeze dried, frozen, fricasied, stir fried or boiled) but live blackworms or live whiteworms. What is it in live worms that performs this magic? Again, work with me as I have no idea. It comes from experience, but I do know that if live worms are fed every day, not just once in a while and not with flakes, the fish has a much better chance to get into breeding condition and ultimately, become disease free. You don't have to raise the fish, the fish won't call you child killer or wish any ills on you as adult fish spawn every few weeks for their entire lifespan. If they are not, they are not healthy. Of course I am talking about fish that can spawn in a tank, not manta rays, great white sharks, or tangs. Actually, tangs will spawn in a large enough tank.
    So if you feel you want to quarantine, thats fine, but while you are at it, get your fish into breeding condition and you will not have any problems except the one I have, and that is what to do with a fish that you have for 20 years and you are tired of it so you have to donate it to a public aquarium.
    Really? you actually think I have any references? Listing references means that someone you don't know wrote something, you read it and believed it enough to re write it. This is my opinion and as I said, I am an electrician.
    Why would you believe me? Do your own research. :1:This is me with my first girlfriend, I am sure she just helped me collect some worms to feed my fish.

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