Why Me !!!!!!!

4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
This forum will be dedicated to all forms of nuisance algae that plague most of our systems at some stage.
What causes it ?
Why does it seem to be getting worse !!!
How can I get rid of it !!!

We will discuss the various forms of nuisance algae in their own respective threads so that you can correctly identify them and follow the steps on trying to erradicate them.
okay first one is cyano

what causes it?
Here you go Phat:

The chelators that bind iron in seawater (and by analogy, reef tank water) are many, and come from many sources that are present in our reef tanks. One Researcher for example, details the concern: “The present report shows that both inorganic Fe(III) in the presence of oxygen, and humic Fe(III) which stimulates lipid peroxydation, trigger or stimulate the release of chelators from green algae, red algae, and cyanobacteria.” 2 Consequently, we should anticipate that we have such chelators in our tanks.
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