Why am I loosing shrimps.

31 Dec 2014
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I have no idea why my shrimps slowley but surely die off.

So far I have lost 3.

No1 was a juvinile fireskrimp. He lost his antannae and I think that was due to the flow being extreme in my tank and after a week or two died.

N2. was a cleaner shrimp, big and he had the best persnality. I think I plased a powerhead to low in the tank and curiosity killed the shrimp. I found his mangled body stuck to the rock right infront of the powerhead outlet.

N3. was a cleaner shrimp, had him the longest about 2 months and he molted last night. He just vanished today. I saw some of his antanae floatingin the water colomb sooooo guess he left me.

Is this normal? I dont want to spend R200 to R300 on livestock that last 2 moths. BUT! they are by far my fav. I love these guys.
What are your nitrate readings? I found that they are sensitive to spikes or high nitrate levels.
What are your nitrate readings? I found that they are sensitive to spikes or high nitrate levels.

All levels are not detectible.

Salinity 1.026
Alkilinity 9
Calsium 460
Magnesium 1550
Temp 25 - 26/27
Amonia 0
Nitrate 0
Nitrite 0
PH 8.2
I am at a loss, linking your thread here as well so that those more knowledgeable can assist:
My first reef tank.
@NewbiePta there may be hope for number3. Cleaner shrimps molt regularly and it is possible that hes hiding in a safe place until he feels safe to come out. Good luck
Cant be fish killing them? I have 2 bangai cardinals and 3 antheas. Number 2 died the night i added tem
Number 2 died the night i added tem
Are you acclimatising them properly? They need a much longer acclimation period than fish as they are much more sensitive to salinity changes.
Theres no ways bengaii cardinals or antheas would kill a healthy shrimp imvho but Im no expert.
I find that shrimp needs to be dripped very slowly as they are very sensitive to change as mentioned above. That being said you should be careful of banggais as they will eat whatever they can fit in their mouths which can open rather wide. I have had a previous encounter where my banggai attacked a small fire shrimp I added and later saw him swimming with half the body in its mouth. Hope this helps...
when the shrimp molt, their new body is very very soft. Anything can attack them and kill them easily. They need to get away and hide to molt and then wait out the time for their new exoskeleton to harden.

Cleaner shrimps do not have a long lifespan. They last about 2 maybe 3 years if you are lucky. The bigger you buy them, the older they are already. So rather buy them small and young, but big enough not to fit into the fish mouth.
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