Who's going to win on Saturday?

Who's gonna win the Super 14 on Saturday

  • The Sharks

    Votes: 17 68.0%
  • The Bulls

    Votes: 6 24.0%
  • Its going to be a draw

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Who cares dude? As long as Naas Botha gets injured I'm happy

    Votes: 2 8.0%

  • Total voters

:realmad: :elvis: what do you mean they not playing
Do the Stormers have a rugby team?

Anybody know any decent pub in JHB where i can watch the game on Saturday?

:realmad: :elvis: what do you mean they not playing


The Bulls ofcourse!!

They are the team making less mistakes but the home ground advantage might pull it through for the Sharks.
Staying in Benoni, but don't mind travelling.

Got smashed at Bulldogs in East Rand Mall on Saturday night, i don't need to make it two in a row....
Bwhahaha... I was going to suggest Bulldogs.

That's about all I know on the east rand. Apart from all the O'Hagans' and Kegs.
only saw the sharks game last saturday but to be honest their ball handling skills was atrocious..... unfortunatley never saw the bulls game..... after what i saw id have to saw bulls unless he sharks get their act together.....

The Dros in Boksburg isn't bad for kuiering, but shit for watching rugby. The Keg in Whitfield on the other side is awesome for watching rugby.
Whats kuiering?

Looks like i'll be watching it in the Bedfordview area somewhere.
Kuiering technically means visiting. But us dutchman use it to mean having a good time in the company of friends over a bottle or drink or two...lol.
Lol Galibore
Kuiering wif da chomies with a naais frostie and sum billies...my moneys on the Sharks,GO BOYS!
Only six boytjies voting for the bulls so far?
sheesh, was this not the greatest game ever. Not that i'm a shark's supporter, but my hart sank for them when I saw Habana going for it. Simply awesome .... :yeahdude:
this was really a ver tense game.well credits to the bulls,for taking it in the last minute
Can't wait for Monday to tell all my colleagues: "Told ya so..."


Very tense game as you said Mekaeel. I have not a single fingernail left...but I feel very relieved. I think it was a typical final. Lots of kicking. Knocking the ball because of nerves. And brilliant defense from both sides.
Stuunign game, as a biased neutral I'm glad the Bulls won it. What a way to end a game.

Hougaard really held his nerve when taking that fianl conversion. Did you see how the Sharks were charging at him trying to put him off, but he was very focussed.
yeah it was a great game and like Matfield said the Sharks outplayed them for 79min, but it was the last 1 that counted.

I wish that one day when i'm really really old that the Stormers win a Super 14.
Yes Hougaard showed a lot of maturity although not his best game.

I felt I could rip Gary Botha's head off when he kicked away the ball with 5 seconds left on the clock.
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