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    okay so i have indigenous rock in my tank at the moment with no fish . its been running for about a month now and we ordered fish but on arrival of going to pick them up we got our water tested and it was deemed "not fit' for the fish we bought . so i bought stabilizer to stabilize the nitrates etc . But my big problem is now i have proper rock and want to take my old rock out and do a full on water change , baisacally start all over again. how long will i have to wait to get my fish ?:)
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    depends on the quality of the new live rock. If a lot of dead stuff in it, it will take longer. If it is already fully cured. Transported under water, then it will be quicker. Loads of bacterial dosing options available. check it out to speed things up a bit.

    when you do not measure ammonia anymore for a couple of days, then the cycle is complete.

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