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    The aquarium hobby is blessed with talented painters like Kaitlyn Cameron and Nate Wilson but the big surprise today is that one of our pioneering aquarists is also gifted with the brush, and the chisel. Chris Turnier who has paid his aquarium dues in Tonga collecting corals, in L.A. kicking off the whole concept of WYSIWYG coral sales, and in Tennessee rearing mairne fish, has recently turned his attention to the canvas, and to barnwood.

    [​IMG]Fish Eye Fine Art is a new studio endeavor from Chris Turnier which features a myriad of beautiful watercolor saltwater aquarium fish prints, in a range of sizes. Additionally, Chris has also recently taken down a vintage barn and reclaimed the wood to use in carvings of certain fish species on a limited basis. Our favorite watercolors in his portfolio so far are the Slender Blue GrouperAnyperodon leucogrammicus, and the crazy angled close up of a Mystery Wrasse.

    In the wood carvings section, there’s only a nice big clown triggerfish and a splendid watanabe angelfish, both of which would be worthy of hanging in any reefer’s sacred reef aquarium space. The selection of fine fish works is limited at the moment but Chris is devoting his full attention to Fish Eye Fine Art and we expect the selection to keep growing with time. [Fish Eye Fine Art ][​IMG]
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