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    So who made it down to the final four in the last vote off in the Reef Builders Reader’s Choice aquarium LED lighting showdown? Our latest round of votes was tabulated and we have the Maxspect Mazzara and Kessil A150W going head-to-head and the Ecotech Marine Radio XR30 going against the Nano Box (click here for a full-size image of the bracket).

    The whole point of this contest is to allow the readers to use their voice to chose their favorite LED products that were launched in 2011. We poured over all the stories we posted and picked the top 32 across the broadest spectrum (no pun intended) of LED products. Is it anything more than a popularity contest? Probably not since it is illogical to think that anyone could put these products to the test all at once. The contest is just a way for our readers to voice their opinion on what they thought was the most exciting LED product released last year and covered on this site. So vote and have fun until the polls close Saturday, January 7 at 5 p.m. PST.

    Maxspect Mazzara vs. Kessil A150W

    There are some robust features of the*Maxspect Mazarra*making this one a top contender.*The*Kessil A150W*is definitely one pendant to keep your eye on — different colors, proprietary chips and a great price!

    View This PollEcotech Radion XR30 vs. Nano Box

    The*Ecotech Radion XR30*hit the LED with plenty of buzz and so far the reviews have been pretty favorable for the XR30 as Ecotech Marine starts venturing out more.*The*NanoBox*is one nice looking modular,*entry-level fixture with four controllable channels of light plus active cooling.

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