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28 May 2009
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Morning so i decided to buy to more clowns for my tank. they were captive breed clowns so i didnt qt then. the one clown died the day after i got them and the other one went missing the next day, still no sign of it. on monday my sail fin that ive had for almost 10 years died and now my regal has white spot. so yip i should have qt the clowns but space is a bit tight at the moment. so now im thinking of uv light or reef safe white spot treatment.

any info will help
how many fish do you still have left over?
Best is to remove the fish and put in and treat in hospital tank. Also look at tank transfer method. Leaving display fallow for 72 days.
If you cannot get fish out try the Orca Res-q-Med. I used it and it seems to have worked. No harm to corals.
Freshwater dips will also help. Make sure it is the same temp as your tank water. Ich won't survive in freshwater but their cysts will.
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