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    Was wondering if anyone agreed or had heard of this school of thought about white spot.

    White spot can be induced by PH changes?

    A fellow reefer told me that PH changes more specifically drastic ones can induce white spot, which made sense for me when i had a dramatic Ph change in my old tank about 2 years ago. My tangs specifically took strain. I know this could add to stress which is also a factor but he explained the following:

    He also explained that the VA Waterfront Aquarium experienced this problem with their new snoek as well, which all died from WS.

    His reasoning was that some fish, specifically Acanthurus...Powder tangs and Achilles have weak or thin slime layers much like a snoek. These slime layers protect the fish from parasites and disease... forms part of their immune system.

    Changes in PH as well as other water conditions can damage this slime layer to the extent that the fish is more susceptible to WS.

    Handeling the fish could also damage this layer.

    He added that WS is much like air born disease and always present in our tank water. Stronger and weaker strains exists and its just up to our fish's immune system to combat WS. Once the fish lives through a bout of WS it may be immune to that strain.

    I'm not stating the above.. only querying?:)

    Can anyone share some light?
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    Marlin it makes sense to me (the ph part), serious fluctuations in ph will cause stress and pressure on the immune system which would act as a catalyst.

    not sure about the slime layer though. Interesting as we are discussing WS on another thread

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