When buying a tank (second hand or new)

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    Please consider the following when purchasing a new or second hand tank

    Glue work:
    · Is there a nice thick even seam?
    · Are there bubbles within the seam?
    · Is the glue brittle from the tanks standing dry?
    · There should be no air bubbles in the silicone between any of the glass panes of a well constructed aquarium

    · Is it sufficient?
    · Does it obstruct access into the overflow box?
    · Is it manufactured as the same thickness glass as the rest of the tank?

    · Can you reach the bottom should a fish go over into it?
    · Is there a grating to prevent this from happening?
    · Is it manufactured from the same thickness glass as the rest of the tank?

    Bulk heads:
    · Are there proper bulk heads fitted,
    · Are the bulk heads glued in properly, is a Durso (silencing) system fitted,
    · Tip: the way I assess if I am willing to pay the price the seller is asking is to calculate how much it will cost me to get the tank, stand sump to a level that I would be satisfied with. If the cost is too much I would explore the costs of a new system

    · is this supplied with the tank?
    · Is it broken ?
    · Is it severely compressed?

    • Are there scratches on the glass?
    • If so how big and will they bother you? After all you are trying to create something beautiful so a scratch may kill the whole effect.
    • is the tank made from the correct thickness glass?

    Other things to consider:

    · Is it practical? Sure it may be a bargain but have you taken the following into consideration?
    · Your reach vs. tank depth?
    · Electricity costs (where deep tanks are concerned 250w hailides may be a necessity. Pumps can always be changed but lighting may be something you get stuck with.
    · Take time to research tanks on the various forums and pick one you most want yours to replicate. This will help you with design requirements as well as a guestemate of the costs involved.

    im sure many of you will agree that there is nothing worse than buying a tank to start this wonderful hobby only to find you have purchased a tank taht is delapedated or past its funcsionality.

    please add on from experience what you would advise a newbie to watch out for..
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    great for the newbies

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