what's your poison of choice?

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    In my quest for the never the ending requirement of knowledge for reef keeping :)

    I'm now trying to figure out what to dose and when to start

    Is it as "simple" as testing your water for calcium, alk, magnesium etc and adding what's short or do you have a fixed routine of dosing or is there a daily/weekly supplement you guys use (possibly in conjunction with the aforementioned?

    I get it that when there's something that's short or wrong one needs to understand why first before just chucking stuff/chemicals in and I have read through pages and pages of water chemistry articles but would like some hands on examples ...

    There's sooo many products out there

    So in short and just to get some idea:
    what do you dose and why?

    Remember "sharing is caring" ;)
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    Witbank - Mpumalanga

    I dose special blend, a microbelift product for bacteria booster, check calcuim with a test kit, add as needed, and only 1 time, i've added Iodene.

    Thats it.. I believe in KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid :p

    There are some guru's here, and they can explain in detail wat, why how much etc.

    As far as I understand this, it depends on your system - SPS for eg needs more attention and dosing, whilst LPS is not so demanding.. so again, it depends on what you are aiming for on your system.
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    In short:
    Never ever dose anyhting you cant test for.
    Corals require nutriets to grow. Most of these are taken up through feeding and photosynthesis while others (like calcium/magnesium) are absorbed directly from the water column. The more corals you have, the faster they grow so the more additives you need to supply to keep everyhting happy. BAsically you dose what gets used up and cannot be supplied by water changes.
    Your dosing rate will determined by your bioload asnd how often (and how large) your water changes are. Large regular water changes can supply enough nutrients/minerals to negate the need to dose. Ideally, you want to keep things as stable as possible, so smaller frequent dosing is better than the occasional large dose. When you first start dosing, measure parameters frequently to check if your dosing rate is sufficient.
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    When I started the first time, I read all three Sprung's The Reef Aquarium books. I should have stopped there. After I read all the blogs, debates, more books, etc. I was seriously confused and had a cupboard full of stuff.

    This time I stopped at the basics and spend a bit more on good equipment.

    - I do 5% water-changes a week with a good salt (Red Sea Pro)
    - I keep an eye on my salinity and PH daily (its easy and don't involve counting drops)
    - I check (drops, drops, drops) and dose calcium and alkalinity two/three times a week (C-Balance)
    - I check (more drops) and dose magnesium 1x a week (Kent)

    I have decided to add bacteria (BioDigest) once every two weeks as well, makes sense for me and should add to stability of the in tanks processes (my take).

    I run a phosphate media (Kent) when I feed a bit to much (never :whistling:) and carbon media (Fluval) (when I worry about having softies in the tank to much).

    I still need to get my head around iodine, but as I do not understand it yet, I will leave it until I get time to.

    I have added Purigen and Chemipure Elite to give me a bit of a safety net.

    I spend (are spending) some money on a good chiller, electronic heater and a skimmer and I have erred on to much flow.

    I consider myself a well read novice and only want an algae free, colourful, wavy tank with a bunch of little fish, so I am sure there is better ways if you have bigger aspirations.

    Still early days for me, so pls revive this link in 1 years time.

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