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    There are tanks that are awesome for their fish and coral, and then there are tanks that are awesome because of their cleanliness along with the fish and coral. The Reef of Hong Kong reef forum user Whatafather definitely falls into the latter characterization. Like the*“Reef in the Sky” , Whatafather’s reef is about as clean as it gets and we love it. It is obvious every single detail was planned out and the result is very impressive. Not only is the setup drool worthy, it is the livestock and aquascape where the tank truly shines.

    The reef aquarium system consist of two displays one dedicated to SPS and the other rocking LPS and some softies. The main display measures 36” x 23” x 21” (91 x 58 x 53cm) while the LPS display measures 24” x 9” x 13” (61 x 23 x 33cm). Lighting is provided* by a GHL mitras on the SPS tank and a Kessil 350W blasts the LPS. Water flow within the systems is handled by a combination of an Aquabee 11000 and mini RD 3500 return pumps along with DIY wave box using Tunze 6095 controlled by 7096, and a MP40 that is kept in reef crest mode.

    A Bubble King 200 takes care of all the skimming and is the sole mechanical filtration of this reef. A Tunze ATO keeps the water level consistent and a DBM250 chiller manages temperature during the summer months. The system is dosed zeovit in combination is balling and a combination of the following is added: SP 4 drops daily, PIF 4 drops daily, B balance 4mL daily, Start3 0.4 mL twice per day, Xtra 4mL daily, Iodine complex 2 drops daily, bak 4 drops twice per week, along with the occasional use of Kent Iron.











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