What to put in my tank next?

7 May 2007
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Cape Town

I've been running my tank now for 2 months, I have 1 finger leather in which stressed me out for awhile but is looking better and more preditable than it used to be. I have a few mushrooms, spotted and stripped, 2 collections of polyps, a sun coral (which only rarely peeks out) and some star polyps (aka weeds)

Thanks to mango I have a monti frag in there and a acro frag.

I recently had a plate coral which died :(

Anybody advise something 'easy' to put in next, after seeing how cool Kangas tank looks I'm keen to start throwing more stuff in there.

I dont want to kill it (whatever it is)

Some suggestions and pictures would be cool.

If you guys can tell me from your experiences rather than refer me to websites because I dont always find their comments applicable to the care level involved!

I think first try to get all your parameters 100% and stable for a couple of weeks and once this is done...Add new corals and fish, but dont be in a hurry to add coral and fish...try to add 1 at a time or 1 thing once a week....Dont know if I make any sense....

Take it slow bru....This is the fun in it...

hehe, I didnt mean to go out and buy 5 things at once (my wife wouldnt let me) but thanks for the warning to take it slow, I just like to start keeping my eyes open for specific things or atleast not be suckered (nobodys fault but mine!) into buying something because it looks pretty again (aka plate coral :( ) by knowing what I'm looking for before going to a FS!

Elrond could you give us some more info with regards to tank size, flow, filtration, equipment, lighting etc?

Sure, sorry should've mentioned it before.

Tank size: 1.5mx0.5m(W)x0.75m(H)

3x14k blue t5's
1x14k white t5's
2x10k white t5's

Sump: 3foot
Skimmer: 50-200gallon berlin
Return pump: 2500l (running 1500-2000l/h)
3x200w heaters

1xSeio M820 powerhead
2xAtlas 2400's (looking to buy Seio 2xM1100's next month) powerheads

Running a dsb in sump with a few kgs of fiji LR and ceramic rings.

Running a shallow bed in the main display with only 5kgs of LR in it and the rest 'local' rock.

not sure if I missed anything... cheato in the sump!? :p
Elrond I'm quoting someone else here, but remember the only thing in Reefkeeping that happens quickly is disaster.

Take it slow and plan it properly. Make a list of fish and inverts you would like to keep and do proper research on them. I really wanted a moorish idol and i like LPS corals, the 2 don't mix!! so research research research buddy.
3 200W heaters? You worried your fishies gonna freeze? Hehe :p

Sounds like you're off to a good start but don't rush it. 2 months is still pretty young for a reef tank.

Are you using RO or NSW? If RO, what salt? Have you got test kits for alkalinity and calcium? Refractometer? What's your water temp and how much does it vary by?

What colour is the acro?

hehe, well I had 2 already so figured I'd rather play it safe incase one dies.

I'm using RO for topups and NSW normally.

Tank generally runs at 27-28, trying to slowly lower it but with the freaky weather in CPT I dont want to change it too quickly (monitoring it at different times of the day so far is stays 27-28, never above and never below)

Alkalinity is 7-8
Calcium was 420 the last time I checked it a week ago but yesterday I was getting no reading (going to buy another test kit)
Salinity (swing arm says 1.022) dont have a refractometer (christmas present maybe)
PH is 8.2

Acro is brown. (

My shoe size is 11!

What shoes? Leather or canvas or synthetic?

Colour? How old?

What material is the sole and what pattern is the tread?

Sorry for all the questions but in order to supply a proper answer we do need certain information. Can't have you walking into your LFS with the wrong shoes ;)

In answer to your original question though I would recommend a Sarcophyton (Mushroom Leather) as your next coral purchase.

Yes any kinda of leather would be "easy".

Sounds like your setup is pretty good etc. That acro has to be brown for a reason though... :/
palmerc - hehe, they look nice when extended, typically only see them all closed up... now to find a decent colour! Thanks for the advice.

Rory - Its always been brown?!? (I think)

What about zoa's ? They are easy. Sarcophtons are nice and easy as well.
With your plate coral, did you have it on the rocks or on the gravel ?

I've got those... 2 cleaners, 5 blue leggies and 8 snails with supposedly 100 snail eggs.

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