What makes tmc fish so special?

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    Idol Marine stock TMC or MAC fish.
    Why are these fish so special?
    These fish are guaranteed not to be caught with any toxins or methods that are environmentally detrimental or harmful to the fish.

    They are hand caught by individual divers using nets.
    They are transported to the Tropic Marine centre in the UK where they are placed in their special holding facilities that have enormous skimmers, a huge array of UV lights and truly impressive Ozone generators.
    The fish are also held for a number of weeks to make sure they are feeding and disease free.

    An excellent example of the great quality of fish we get are the Copperbands and Moorish Idols, which as we all know are notoriously bad feeders.
    Every time, we land these fish, within a few hours of arriving in our holding tanks they always begin feeding, we have many clients who can attest to this.

    TMC also have their own hatchery where they successfully breed many species including shrimps, clowns and pipefish.

    For added info follow these links:
    TMC opens its doors to UltimateReef
    An illustrated visit to Tropical Marine Centre headquarters

    A word of advice, if your tank has disease it is a waste of time adding any TMC fish, you need a disease free tank that is installed with a TMC guideline UV system, which we can guide and assist you with.


    Most of our TMC/MAC fish have been pre ordered and sold.
    To take advantage of this benefit and get the fish you want by placing your order with one of our knowledgeable consultants at Idol and we will source your dream fish to be delivered the following week.

    Below are some pics of their pristine fish room, their huge 4,5m high X 1,5m diameter skimmers and the bank of UV they use on their tanks.

    tmc acclimatisation room.jpg

    tmc skimmer room.jpg

    tmc UV banks.jpg
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