What is a Nano?

7 May 2007
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Guys what do we classify as a Nano tank?

According to Wikipedia its a tank less than 20 gallons (+/- 76L)

"A nano reef is a type of Marine Aquarium, a reef tank of less than 20 gallons. The exact limit that distinguishes a nano reef from a regular reef is somewhat ill-defined (some claim that anything less than 40 gallons would qualify), but 20 gallons seems to be the generally accepted limit"

Do we follow the 20G or 40G way of thinking here?
Well, there are many more ways of thinking than the 20 and 40 gallon ones. I have heard anything less than 100L as well as anything less than 120L. Recently a LFS attendand insisted it was anything less than 50L.

The problem is, there is no standards organization we can rely on in this regard...lol.
I would follow the 20 gallon (100 litre) thinking. this seems to me like nano size, and anything less than 30 litres would qualify as a pico.
i agree, with dog!lotsa LPS guys disagree on keeping any marine fish in a tank less than 120 litres,but ive succesfully kept butterflys and stuff in a 50L tank
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