What I have Learnt about this hobby

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    Right this is a once off deal!

    I have learnt you can't cheat nature & how she works!! "that does not mean we can't question & or try"

    Things take time & by that time that seems long for us is quick for nature! our fish & corals can die in a matter of hours & as such we want changes in out takes to be quick these same quick changes can cause all sorts of death!

    I have learnt there are many ways to get to the same results the one that works best for you - only you can decide.

    People only want to help & the help is never to harm the marine life they take the side of time - which is a good thing see above

    The balance is so fine we can only hope & pray we keep things that way for as long as possible - how mother nature does it I would love to know!

    brakes are sometimes more important then the accelerator :)

    People new & old on this site - thank you all for your input & advise I am learning slowly & I am changing how I see stuff but I am a lessons learned person myself.

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    nice to know youve learnt something

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