What fish to keep in my tank?

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    Today I visited a LFS, and asked him what fish is best for a Reef tank, he suggested I make a list of fish I like, and then he can help me to determine which fish can go with whom, therefore avoiding issues later. I want to find out what fish would you recommend I keep in my aquarium? My plan is to go full Reef and not to have any fish that will harm any coral etc that I place in my tank, you never know with what I end up in time to come. I want to avoid selling fish that is no longer welcome!

    My setup is as follow:
    160 x 45 x45 cm
    LED Light 13-14k Range
    Reef Angle

    I currently have:
    2 x Gobies (Yellow)
    1 x Pajama Cardinal
    1 x Bangai Cardinal
    2 x Percula Clowns
    1 x Fire Shrimp
    1 x Snail (Turbo)
    1 x Long Spine Urchin
    1 x Hermit Crab
    2 x Cleaner Shrimps
    10 x Bristle Worms
    Some mushrooms, Zoa's and Paly's
    Plenty of LR

    What are the fishes & Cleaner Crew you suggest I keep with these, and in what order must I add them, with the focus on hardest or easiest to keep, first.

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    21 Nov 2011
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    Are you not remove bristle worms? or do you like they?
    Add any tang?
    You can another 5-10 add fish meduim size fish
  4. Visser


    21 Nov 2011
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    Willows,Pretoria /Brits
    Hi riaan,
    A couple of nice fish for that size tank:
    1x midas blenny
    1x 6line wrasse
    1x carpenters flasher wrasse
    1x algae blenny
    1-2x fire goby (red/purple)
    1-4x blue/green reef chromis
    1x tenaka pygmy wrasse
    1x Blue dot jawfish (only if you have deep substrate)
    1x Neon dottyback
    1x Court jester goby

    Cleanup crew:
    5x turbo snails
    3x blue legged hermit crabs
    2x Pyramid snails
    1x brittle star
    3x nassarius snails
    1x peppermint shrim

    These are just a few fish/inverts that are compatible with reefs (& each other) & will go together very nicely.
    Be careful that you dont add too many at a time, & please read up about these fish before you buy them.
    Only add one of the wrasses that i mentioned as they can easily outcompete each other with food...

    A very good place to research livestock is liveaquaria. They give nice descriptions on all their critters.

    Hope this helps.
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    Lilliehammer, Norway
    which ever LFS that was they deserve your custom, thats truley great advice and well done on taking them toi heart. Its great to see LFS help people like you to achieve things with your tank, well done to them!

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