What are the Best Pumps to buy

Discussion in 'General Discussions and Advice' started by HAMMY, 5 Nov 2013.

  1. HAMMY


    24 Feb 2008
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    Thinking about buying a Red Devil pump are they any good, anyone with experience using Red Devil pumps or equipment?
    Wanting to use it on my return.
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  3. Andre@ReefAquatics

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    18 Dec 2012
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    @HAMMY, since you are inquiring specifically about the RED DEVIL Range, maybe I can shed some light.

    The supplier/company are no strangers to the aquarium market and boast 20 years of design and manufacture experience. This brand is popular with aquarists in the Far East and Australasia. I'm in contact with reefkeeping communities in the Philippines/Indonesia that are extremely happy with the performance of the RD Brand.

    The design engineers have a very close relation to a brand we know very well - I cannot say any more on this topic, only that they broke away and formed their own company years ago.

    As with any new product that catches our eye, we conduct thorough research (liaising with our international counterparts) on the brand. We then get a sample order and rigorously test these products ourselves for performance and quality, and only then do we invest in the product.

    This is a new brand that we have brought to SA and our customers that own the RED DEVIL brand are extremely happy with its performance.

    We base our business solely on customer satisfaction. We ensure and are confident that we sell great quality products. Should you not be content, with valid reasons, we offer a return policy.

    Hope this answers some of your questions.
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