What a phenomenal project...Catlin Seaview Survey

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    Good day all,

    Would like to re-kindle a MASA post back in 2013 "Catlin Global reef record".

    For those of you that share the passion of our oceans, are not scuba diving yet :) and would like to view the spectacular imaging gathered by the Catlin Seaview Survey that was started to capture panoramic imagery of the worlds reefs.

    The Catlins Seaview survey has been going for a few years now and is a global study working with scientists across the globe to capture surveillance imagery and stitching the images together to get a panoramic view (virtual dives) of certain reef systems around the globe. The main purpose for their efforts is to capture and study the changes to reefs due to external impacts such as climate changes. The University of Queensland, Google and underwater earth are some of the partners of this phenomenal project.

    Go check it out, see the link below...


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