Well done Jungle Aquatics

7 Jul 2013
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Sheffiled Beach, KZN
I just wanted to say well done to Bryan and the Jungle Aquatics team. Recently there was a complaint about lack of service and I must agree that I have had a few bad experiences with regards to getting a hold of someone to assist me...

Today I went in to top up on supplies and within 30 secs of walking through the door I was greeted with a smile and asked if I could be assisted. I replied by saying no thanks I'm just looking and after a while I had decided on a list of things I was going to get.

Yet again it took me but only a few seconds and I had someone assisting me with a great smile on their face. Was a great experience, well done on listening to your customers!!

Ps: Thank you for getting Seneye supplies back!!!! Bought my slides today and looking forward to using my Seneye Reef again.
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