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    :thumbup: I thought it worth the mention of what I saw over the weekend. So buying fish from the fish shops is always a bit of a gamble because of all the stress and diseases the fish might carry we have all lost our fair share. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the guy at Doolittle's in PMBurg has set up an extensive quarantine system that all his fish go through. You can no longer buy the fish until they have gone through the whole procedure, the process is explained on each tank, you can follow the fish as they go through it. Only at the end can you purchase any. In fact he offers a service to his clients to process their fish through his system if they have any infections. Great to see the quarantine system really being practised and not just claimed or a quick few dips. Whilst its no guaranty its so much better than the other options. They start with a dip and medication first, then they use the "Bucket method" (but with clean barren tanks) starting with a low salinity and then gradually increasing the salt levels on the way through. I still quarantine all my new fish but the fish coming from him have a great survival rate as the bad ones have either not made it to his sale tank or they have been cured. And no I don't work for him so this is not bias :tt2:

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