4 May 2007
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Durban, ZA
Welcome to MASA Eco Aquatics :D
I, for one, am glad they are here.
Welcome Andrew

So what can we get from you?

What new "toy's" do you have for us to buy?
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welcome to masa as a sponsor andrew :)
Hi Andrew and Paula welcome, gr8 to have you on board.
From Paula, and myself, thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone. We will be posting new threads about what we sell, including some new products to hit our shores. Hope you guys keep checking back, wouldn’t want you to miss out on a good deal.
Us.. miss out on a good deal... NEVER !!! :lol:
Hi Andrew - Great to see you here!

Damn now i'm going to HAVE to find something to buy from you...ohwell :lol:
Hi Paul, please know that I haven’t forgotten about our little deal. I had a problem at the time and was reluctant to send any frags down. I will sort you out in time. Thanks for hanging in there.
Welcome Andrew, ur always a pleasure to deal with
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