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HI All

Just to let you all know the Aqua Deeziac site has been updated with some cool new products. Still to add is the Prodibo Range, Fauna Martin Range, Proflux, Tunze and I'm looking at some more brands. My goal is to offer one stop shopping for all your reefing needs with all big brands under one roof.

I will do my best to keep all items in stock at all times (most already in stock) so I can send off order same day, obviously this will not be possible for the larger products but if you order something that is not in stock I will get it couriered from my suppliers overnight so you will at worst have to wait 2 or 3 days.

Please visit the site at www.Aquadeeziac.com all those that register this week will get a 5% discount coupon to use on their first order.

Look forward to being your preferred supplier :)
Great to have you as a sponsor Sims :)
It will be emailed to you... it's 5% of your complete first order...will take it off when you checkout.
Hi Jacquesb

Thanks for the welcome:)

I am a stockist of there range so have decided to give them some advertising on my site for free. MASA will soon enjoy the same banner ads for free :)
Cool no problem Jacquesb...only sponsor that is not on this site is Aquilibrium and he will not be a sponsor for very long as I will distribute his range on the forums :)

Anything else let me know
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