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    commenting-thumb-550xauto-41019-300x242.jpg One of the new features we will be releasing for 2011, is a new commenting system. And starting today you’ll be able to take it out for a test drive. The system is called Disqus. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ve probably seen Disqus in one form or another — it’s used on CNN, Mashable, Engadet, Tech Crunch, All Things Digital, and other blogs that you visit. So what’s new?

    We’ve added multiple, threaded reply levels, real-time updating of new comments, image and video attachments inline, and yes… comment editing. That means next time you write “rreef” instead of “reef,” you can actually make the fix. Using Disqus also allows us to make commenting on Reef Builders easier than ever before (for new and old users alike) by providing login connectivity with Facebook, Twitter, and OpenID. If you don’t want to use those* social networking services, you can create a Disqus account as well (you’ll be able to comment on other Disqus sites using that account too).

    Active commenters:* One thing you should know is the ability to comment anonymously is gone. Although we are doing away with leaving anonymous comments on our old system, using one of your preferred accounts helps us keep the spam out and the troll comments down. You’ll need an account with facebook, twitter, openID, disqus, or yahoo in order to post comments from here on out.
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