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    The Maze Angelfish is an unusual, enigmatic “species” which may represent the frequent crossing and back-crossing with a syngameon of related Chaetodontoplus species. The Blue spot angelfish, blue line angelfish and grey poma angelfish are thought to provide some of the genetics which have produced the amazing Maze angelfish pictured here.

    Crownfish is an upscale marine fish supplier in Japan who regularly has very nice Maze angelfish for sale but these two specimens really take the cake. The crazy pattern of blue lines, spots and squiggles reminds us a lot of the various discus breeds, and if we had to select an angelfish species which is prime for guppification based on color and pattern alone, we vote for the Maze anglefish to be the marine equivalent of the discus fish from the Amazon.

    It’s rare to see any kind of ‘true’ Maze angelfish here in the US of A. Maze angelfish are primarily found in and around the South China Sea, right next to the die-hard marine fish collectors living in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan who will happily pay top dollar for the nicest maze angelfish before they are even shipped a significant distance.
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