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8 May 2007
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Let’s face it, we reefers love shiny pretty things, that’s we gravitate towards beautiful fluorescent corals with colors so vivid they are “supernatural”. In recent years there’s been an even bigger push to make the reef gear and marine aquarium equipment just as shiny as our beloved corals.

Starting with the top of the tank, our LED lights have gotten incredibly attractive, even when they are not running. And down below the tank, the sumps, pumps and protein skimmers have all gotten to showroom quality in terms of being so presentable and drool-worthy we one day expect to see some devices in the Museum of Modern Art.

Synergy Reef nano reef tanks with fluorescent trim

The most logical progression of this trend towards pretty shiny sumps has got to be Synergy Reef’s well designed reef aquarium sumps, which are constructed out of a retina-searing, signature neon green acrylic. It really doesn’t take that much to make a decent reef aquarium filter box but there’s something about seeing a familiar piece of equipment decked out in toxic yellow green acrylic that really hits our visual pleasure centers.

Even just a small splash of the neon green like that used in Synergy Reef’s little nano tanks, just for the bracing, really turns a small tank from a pretty box to a real showpiece aquarium. The hjghlighter yellow acrylic that Synergy Reef uses in their signature sumps doesn’t come cheap, which is why they also offer their well constructed and practically designed sumps in a standard clear & white acrylic. But next to the radioactive colored sump which glows a yellow green under actinic light, the plain jane white and clear just looks like its sitting still. Which it is, but that’s not the point. [Synergy Reef]

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