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    If there’s a shortlist of marine reef fish that always capture our attention when any news or media surfaces of them, the Tattoo Jawfish is definitely on it. Only known from deep habitats of the Northwest Pacific, the Tattoo Jawfish, Opistognathus decorus is the result of deep sea ‘fishing’ efforts by Japanese rare fish collectors, Deep Sea Challengers.

    We’ve already written at lengths about what little is known about the Tattoo Jawfish but we really want to share with you this new video of this illustrious denizen of the deep. Jawfish have been successfully bred in captivity before so we really hope someone, someday can come up with a compatible pair of O. decorus and attempt to breed this species in captivity.

    In the interim until that happens, we’ll just have to do with our much more common and abundant blue spot jawfish however, someone could toss us fish fanciers a bone and go after that other sweet blue spotted jawfish in the region of the East Pacific, Opistognathus panamaensis. Oh and let’s not forget that other striking species of blue patterned jawfish from the Northwest Pacific, Opistognathus hopkinsi.

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