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    The WaveReef BSF series protein skimmers are small, affordable and adjustable skimmers running on 12VDC pumps. The WaveReef BSF-100M and WaveReef BSF-200M are the two models but so far there is little information and details to share. The WafeReef BSF skimmers appear to mount to the aquarium with magnetic holders and as we mentioned before, run of a 12VDC pump meaning safer, low-voltage applications around the aquarium while maintaining efficient performance.*

    As you can see in the image above, it appears the BSF-100M takes up a n 8 x 8 cm footprint and the larger BSF-200M takes up a 10 x 10 cm footprint. We aren’t sure what the vertical footprint is but can imagine it is not too much considering the size of the overall unit. The WaveReefBSF-100M features a 12VDC pump rated at 5W moving 200 l/hr of water and designed for systems up to 200 liters (around 52 US Gallons). The larger WafeReef BSF-200M has a*6W 12VDC pump rated at 400 l/h.

    No word yet on pricing and availability.

    [via Reef and the City]
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