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8 May 2007
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The Waveline WaveTank is the latest new product to be debuting at the CIPS show in China this week. The new All In One (AIO) reef aquarium from Reef Life Support System ties together the entire ecosystem of Waveline devices including controllable return pumps and controllable protein skimmer, all powered with Direct Current.

The WaveTank from RLSS will be available in five sizes, all with rimless, high-clarity Starphire glass all around, and pre-drilled with an internal overflow. There will be WaveTank models in a 24 inch 40 and 50 gallon, in a 30 inch long 62 gallon, 36 inch long 75 gallon, and a 100 gallon tank with four feet of length.

All of the new WaveTanks come with a DB Skimmer and Waveline return pump, an Aluminum profile stand and individual distributors can choose from a wide assortment of panels to flesh the entire look out. WaveTanks also feature adjustable legs for easy leveling, silent ridge plumbing, an extra large acrylic sump, and a condensed power source for all DC power equipment – that is to say, one common large power supply for the protein skimmer, return pump and a standard high power led light fixture.

All components of the WaveTank ship together as one complete system, with easy to follow instructions and are easily assembled under one hour. All parts are industrial grade quality and built to stand up to the rigors aquarium use, especially for a saltwater environment. With companies like Red Sea, Innovative Marine and now Reef Octopus getting really great entries in the All In One aquarium market, it was only a matter of time until a major player like RLSS threw their hat into the ring too.

We’ve still yet to learn more about what kind of LED lighting, but nowadays it’s really not that hard to put together a basic blue and white LED colored fisture which will provide a baseline of nutritious lighting for corals. The Reef life Support System ecosystem of aquarium devices already includes all the major components for support systems of marine ecosystems.

Seeing them come all together in an all-inclusive design for a marine aquarium only makes sense, and we sincerely look forward to seeing the whole catalog perform on a real assortment of living corals and reef fish. Unfortunately we still will have about a year to wait until this whole aquarium concept is refined as it is expected to become widely available around this time next year, fall 2016.

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