Wave maker pump opinions needed...

Discussion in 'Pumps and Waterflow' started by ChrisRaubs, 27 Oct 2012.

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    Hey there MASA peeps!! Happy weekend to everyone!!

    I'm going to follow @RiaanP advice and not go for the best at the moment. But deciding to do so have created a whole new set of complications...:eek:

    I would like to have random flow in the tank, and even though this can be achieved easily with a vortech or tunze pump,,, It's not that simple with a seio prop pump or something similar, and the main reason of this is control ability...

    So what do you guys suggest?

    So far I've managed to identify a few candidates that could possibly solve the problem...

    X2 sicce voyager stream pumps with the wave runner controller... But I hear that they give quite a bit of problems starting up again after some time of usage...

    X1 Polario 4 ml wave maker - two concerns here... Apparently the flow is hectic, and I don't know if it will be too much for my nano. And having a hex shaped tank, I don't know whether it will create a dead spot in the centre of the tank, seeing that it will alternate from left to right in a circular motion - hope this makes sense... :whistling:

    The last I could find was x 2 Seio M1100 with the controller... This could be a nice option as controller controls both speed and alternation... A quick question to someone that has seen or are using the Seio M models... I see that there is a gadget that comes with every pump that sort of directs the flow into a certain direction... Does this contraption move form left to right constantly, or is it hand set to point in a certain direction only?

    All righty,,, any and all opinions will be truly appreciated!! :thumbup: just remember, best, cheapest option for now,,, later and being able to succesfully maintain my tank, then I'll get my vortechs :yeahdude: ...
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    Phone TSR. Nathan got some cool pumps and controllers at great prices. If you read through some threads you will find prices. The controller is around R1300 and 5000L pumps are around the same price.

    I actually gave up on waiting for the new seio pumps to come out

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