Waterbox Aquariums are coming to South Africa

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    Quality Marines SA and Waterbox aquariums USA are proud to announce our exclusive distributorship in South Africa.

    Exquisitely Crafted Aquariums for Entry-Level to Professional Aquarists.

    Waterbox Aquariums™ have a “Reef Ready” approach to aquarium design. What Reef Ready means by definition is we provide 80% of the aquarium system. Each aquarium user is completely different, and wishes to keep different types of animals which all require different lighting and circulation.

    By allowing our users to choose their equipment and not locking them into a specific brand, we give customers a “Reef Ready” system allowing them to create an environment that is 100% unique. Waterbox owners can re-imagine the future of Aquariums.

    Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
    Waterbox Aquariums™ uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all aquariums. The unique Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass offers unmatched levels of brightness, color fidelity, clarity and visual excitement. Plus Waterbox uses Starphire Ultra-Clear™ on all panels creating our 5D Ultra Clear Aquarium Environment™.

    Glass Overflow System
    Waterbox Aquariums™ is the only Aquarium manufacturer in the industry to utilize Water Etched glass overflow systems. This allows users to keep their aquarium 100% free of algae. Waterbox is a beautifully designed work of art, so who wants dirty plastic overflow boxes?


    Water Tested for Quality
    Waterbox Aquariums™ wants our customers to feel confident when ordering a glass aquarium of this nature, and we want the quality to be second to none. For this reason Waterbox Aquariums™ go through a rigorous water testing process to ensure all our aquariums are leak free.

    Elegant Rimless Aquarium Design
    Waterbox Aquariums™ by design are Rimless. Creating a seamless aquatic environment that makes the aquarium less intrusive to the surrounding environment, as well as easy to clear surfaces.

    Aquarium Cabinetry and Furniture
    Waterbox Aquariums™ Cabinets are made by a world renown cabinet maker. Each cabinet is UV coated for maximum water protection and includes a self-leveling system.

    The Waterbox Philosophy

    Waterbox Aquariums™ was found on 3 core principles. Build the highest quality Ultra Clear Glass Aquariums, Make them available to any hobbyist, Entry level to Professional and provide a vessel to grow the Aquatic Industry World Wide one new aquarium at a time.

    Waterbox Aquariums™ are designed for simplicity and style, while allowing the consumer a way to constantly evolve and modify their Aquatic Environments to their liking. We believe that people want to work with technology they love.

    For this reason, Waterbox gives you the power to adapt your Aquarium to your specs with our Reef Ready Approach. And when they do every one of our Waterbox owners can reimagine the future of Aquariums.

    These amazing affordable aquariums will be rolling out in SA within the next 2-3 Months.

    Keep an eye out on this thread for more info on the Waterbox range as will as pricing that will blow you away:thumbup::y13:

    More Info --------> WATERBOX AQUARIUMS

    Happy Reefing Everyone
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    Exquisitely Crafted Aquariums for Entry-Level to Professional Aquarists.

    We will be bringing in the following ranges from Waterbox USA:

    Nano & Cube
    Marine, fresh and Reef Ready Aquariums designed for Entry-Level aquarium enthusiasts in mind. READ MORE


    Silver Marine
    The Silver Marine series was designed for entry level aquarium enthusiasts in mind. It provides a simple reef ready aquarium system that eliminates the barrier to entry for Saltwater Aquaria at a much lower cost. Each Silver Marine includes Tank, MDF Cabinet, Sump and Plumbing kit. READ MORE


    Platinum Reef
    Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream aquarium. At its core each Waterbox Platinum is the same, however when the owner brings it to life, not a single Waterbox is the same. READ MORE


    Platinum Frag
    The Waterbox Platinum Frag™ series aquaculture system is an industry first. The Frag System provides advanced hobbyists a way to facilitate a grow out system for their frags and cultured corals. Waterbox has taken the highly acclaimed Platinum system design and created a proprietary Aquaculture style aquarium for serious hobbyists. READ MORE


    Platinum Pro
    Waterbox Platinum PRO™ series Professional Reef Aquariums provide advanced hobbyist with a customizable foundation to design their dream Reef Aquarium. Our Professional Series Platinum Reef Tanks expand on the Platinum line with much larger full sized systems to give professional reef keepers more options. READ MORE


    Crystal Peninsula
    The Waterbox Crystal series is designed for those looking for a more decorative approach to their Reef Aquarium. Our Peninsula or “Room Divider” is available in 3 sizes and comes in a fraction of the price of custom installations. It offers an elegant solution to break up a room and is viewable from 3 sides. READ MORE


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