Water shortages

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    24 Jan 2014
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    So it would appear that water restrictions and shortages are imminent. I believe that certain places in the South of Johannesburg are already experiencing loss of water pressure.

    What contingency plans have people got in place with regard to top ups, salt water etc?

    Look forward to hearing from everyone....
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    30 Nov 2010
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    I have a 200ltr drum in my garage for which lasts me a month and ive got 2x 100ltr drums which ill be filling up for extra storage
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    we cant keep up with the installations we doing at the moment with regard to storage water

    best option is invest in a 2500 or 5000 litre tank , install it with a toilet float on your mains inlet and have a booster pump with pressure switch ontop mounted on the pump.

    the tank will then act like a toilet cistern....meaning what ever size tank you have is the storage amount you will have...so when pressures drop or they cut water for certain hours in the day...you still have water.

    also with regard to ro water.....you can then plumb the ro waste water back into that tank as its "purified water with high minerals" so it gets pushed back into the house;)

    instead of going to waste.

    if you in the kzn area and want to see one in action, we will be installing the very same system at our place, so if you like it we can quote you :m113:

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