Water safe for inverts after dosing paraguard?

28 Aug 2015
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Hi guys,

I need some advice, please.

I started a new reef tank about a month ago using two clown fish to cycle. I bought the pair of clown fish with the smaller, male fish being bullied at the aquarium shop and had lesions on him. He didn't heal so I suspected that the bite marks developed into fungal infections.

Long story short, I dosed paraguard for about two weeks and the smaller, male has now fully healed and both clown fish are doing great in the tank.

Question is, how long after dosing the paraguard will the water be safe for invertebrates and corals? Does it stay in the water? Do I need to extract with carbon? Do I need to do a big water change? Or does paraguard just stay in the water column for a short period of time?

I would like to add a hermit crab and a shrimp which I bought and put into my main, bigger tank for now just to get some advice and be safe on this.

Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it!


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28 May 2008
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Cresta, JHB
Hmm... Apparently Paraguard is "Filter Safe", so probably ok with some inverts in small quantities. I'd do one or two big (30%+) water changes over the next week or two if I were you, would think it will be fine after that. Cuprasorb or Carbon is also probably a good idea to run for a week or two, but carbon can cause HLLE, so rather not run it continuously. Just as a general rule, it is almost never a good idea to run any medication in the water in your display tank.
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