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    I know u guys are gona tell me to search. But im not asking wot to look for...im asking that we do a list of :

    Water parameters.

    Perfect parameters ( in a perfact world these are wot we will get )
    Actual wanted parameters ( as close to perfect as possible )
    Acceptable parameters ( can be used...but need to be improved )
    Dangerous parameters. ( ur fish and reef are gona die with these )
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    A little tricky but, the main ones;-

    Calcium - around 400-450ppm - lower or higher will not kill.
    Ammonia - anything above zero is dangerous.
    Nitrite - as ammonia - over zero not good.
    Nitrate - under ten is great, over 50, not good, over 100 - bad.
    Phosphate - zero is ok, anything else bad.
    PH - 8 - 9 is ok anything else not ok.
    Mag - around 1300 is cool
    Copper - zero, anything else seriously bad, even a trace of copper can kill your inverts and fish don't care for it much either.
    dkh - around 8-12 will be ok.

    Then you have strontium, iodine and many others, regular water changes help loads. (10% weekly)

    But this is all very simple, the balance between dkh/mag/calcium/ph is more important, and understanding why is even more important, don't just buy the test kits, buy the books so you can understand the relationships between the different elements.
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    In RED this is my opinion.

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