Water in KalkStirrer going Brown


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7 May 2007
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In the Koeberg blast radius
My water in my AM kalk stirrer is going brown after a few days, being fed with RO from an AM top up.

Surgeon says the same about his unit.

Any ideas?
is the reservoir clean inside?
Both AM and Aquilibria

same thing on both
When i was using kalk i did notice some brands did mix into a brown colour.
Hell i dont know, the one i found did not turn the water brown was the 2 little fishies product, just damn expensive.
mhh thanks Alan, I would then assume its harmless, i am sure you would have picked up of there was a problem
Yah any negatives or ways to prevent it?
Not that i've heard.they just mentioned that the water in it goes into a light brown coulour
mhh mine went poopooh brown
LOL:) oh well the guy describe his as light brown but as like resin is it not exhausted?
why you wasting money on expensive kalk???? go to the chemist and buy it.
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