Watch What Happens When MrG Is Reunited With His Donkey Friend Jellybean.Anim...

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    Watch What Happens When MrG Is Reunited With His Donkey Friend Jellybean.

    Animals have the ability to form friendships and feel deep emotions, just like us.

    Animal Place took in a rescued goat from an animal hoarding case in Southern California. His name is Mr G. For years he lived in neglect with a burro named “Jellybean”.

    They did not know that Mr G and Jellybean were such close friends until he stopped eating. He just laid in the corner of his stall and refused to eat or go outside for six days. He was extremely depressed but otherwise very healthy. One of the volunteer’s offered to drive 14 hours round trip to bring Jellybean to the sanctuary. They just knew that these two friends had to be together.

    Mr G could hear Jellybean when he arrived at the sanctuary and his attitude changed immediately. Within 20 minutes Mr G started to eat again. Credits: AnimalPlace via: True Activist

    Mr. G and Jellybean

    Watch the incredible transformation of a goat who wouldn't eat or move from his stall...until he was reunited with his best friend Jellybean. Read more: http...

    Link to original article on FB.

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