Warning for transkei goers.

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    Guys i am wanting to warn aquarists or anybody who frequents the Transkei for that matter of the current dangers of going there..

    unfortunatly over the past few months i have been alerted to a number of attacks on visitors to the area, the most recent being on the cottage i usually stay at at lwandile near presley's bay,

    the owner of the cottage arrived on friday and on Saturday his cottage was stoned on 3 occasions and money demanded then booze then food, the culprits ransacked the place and entered the premisis breaking every door in the house...

    they first demanded money and returned a further 2 times after that demanding booze and then food.

    when the owner of the cottage approached the chief in the area he said he was not interested in getting involved..

    tourism in this area is going to take a great knock unfortunatly....

    im saddened by this as i frequent these areas and absoloutly love the coastline..

    please be aware that when planning a holiday there you need to either go in numbers (which is also not a gauranteed deterrent) or you need to look at staying at a very public place.. (anchorage hotel springs to mind) i personally will not be taking my wife and small children with in the immediate future.

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