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    EcoBAK Plus is a new biopellet formulation from Warner Marines which is endowed with more than the average bio-polymer. We know of many different reefers who add varied carbon sources to their reef aquariums, like vodka and vinegar, and others who use different biopellet types in order to gain the advantage of using different polymers. EcoBAK Plus is the first to take both of these methods and combine them into one product.

    Warner Marine maintains that original EcoBAK is plenty effective for the average marine and reef aquarium, while EcoBAK Plus give a harder hit to nutrient processing and removal with its multiple sources of carbon and polymers. The use of multiple carbon sources, usually added separately, is a good way to promote a broader population of nutrient processing bacteria to diversify. To further promote bacterial diversity, EcoBAK Plus ships with an inoculating dose of EcoBAK Spark to further reduce the time for nutrient reduction.

    As far as we know, EcoBAK Plus is the first and only biopellet of its kind to include both bio-degradable polymers and multiple carbon sources, a formulation that is patent pending by Warner Marine. With all the extra ingredients, EcoBAK Plus is about 30% than original EcoBAK and it is available in 250, 500 and 1000ml sizes for between $24 to $85.

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    Quite interesting. Warner Marine has caught our eye a long time ago and been chatting to them at length. Also seen a very similar article on EcoBak on RB before.

    Been asking about their products on usa forums but no one seemed over excited. Not a great response at all so weve also lost interest
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