[wtd] wanted tunze 6105 pump

18 Apr 2014
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pinetown kzn
Hi guys I'm looking for a tunze 6105 wave maker as my older pump has packed up any one got one for sale. TIA
Hi flappy how much u looking for and what will it cost for an expeller. Mine plugs into the tunze controller does yours? wanna try get the same one.
It has a din plug with a little red pot on the side of the din cable it has plugs into the controller. Does yours come with the power supply as well



Ok cool thanks i will contact anita to find out the price of an expeller to morrow then let u know. What actually happened the impeller and is it working
Pump works perfectly..the impeller in the pump is missing the shaft....not sure if the shaft can be purchased seperatly...I think you can only get the shaft when you buy the impeller
Hi flappy spoke to George from tunze if it's an older pump6105 it has a shaft the newer ones like i have don't have a shaft, can you send me a pic of empeller of what's missing as George wants to see so that he can get the right part. He says it should have 2 blue grommets one on each end but needs to be sure.
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