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6 May 2007
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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for a HOB Aquaclear (or similar) filter. Smaller = better.

I will pay for it or swop for a small Montipora Frag (+cash).

I prefer AquaClear as the filter inserts are readily available. But will consider any brand.

What size you looking for, got a few left over from the fresh water days?
I can't really remember what sizes they come in as it's been a few years. Maybe the medium'ish one I suppose. I have one that came with a 14L tank on a 50L so it's a bit struggling..hehe. You know how it goes. Set up a temp setup then it becomes a more permanent tank..lol.
Are these those hang on things with a pipe that goes into the tank and pulls water up then through carbon or whatever and then back into the tank?
ive got one of these filters on my nano works well,cleaning the surface aswell.by the way mines is the Aquah2o
Yes I currently have an AquaH2O. Nice filters but mine is the smallest one available. Hence the upgrade.

Does anyone know if the AquaClear/AquaH2O cartridges will fit the Boyu ones? Maybe they're all standard?
they are not i have both but bigish ones, you can however modify the aquh2o to take the aquaclear media holder all you need to do is find the media holder that fits in the aquah2o from the aquaclear range and it works well have done that with one of mine
gali i might have an old one you can have its an aquaclear mini... will even go past the lfs and get some refills for you if you want.....

its very old though still the brown casing.....
Les, hang on. But thanks for the offer. I might have changed my mind. A lot depends on how much money I blow this weekend...haha. Might get rid of one of my setups.
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