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10 Jun 2007
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hi every one

im looking for some second hand dive gear, any body got a complete setup they are selling please let me know. i need every thing

are you looking for a full suba set gaz?
Have you got your diving ticket yet gaz?
I don't know if I'd trust my life to something I got at cash converters but that's just me... If it's just for staying underwater a bit longer then that's fine I guess...
In order to buy a suba kit dont you need a licenece?
No you don't. You need a divers ticket to hire kit.
i dont need anything special, i might be going over to mauritius(spelling wrong i think), any way i just need something to stay under longer so a can catch some fish/ collect coral from there and im gonna be bringing it back. i will be getting the whole permit/importing license but need to find some scuba gear first. i wouldnt trust cash converters!!
The easiest way is to do a dive course locally, will cost you just short of 2k. Then when you get over there, just hire the stuff.
but i would prefer to have the scuba gear, so when ever i go to the beach and feel like catching some dam fish that wont kum out of the hole, i dont have to go and hire. no one selling out there?????????
Second hand dive equipment is like hens teeth. Have you done a course yet?
not yet, mite be doing it in the holidays, i have to wait till exams are ova. what do you mean "Second hand dive equipment is like hens teeth."
Like Hens' teeth means you are going to battle to find it.
ahhh makes sense, hens dont have teeth!!!!! hey dober man are there any dive shops here in kloof/hillcrest
Well done Gaz, was nice educating you.... I buy my snorkelling stuff from the Dive Factory in Gayle street. Rather learn how to snorkel properly and go deep before resorting to scuba
i have been snorkelling for the last 3yrs. i really cant hold my breath for more than 10seconds!! i cant even swim one lap of the pool(15m) on one breath.
I would rather perfect the snorkelling first gaz. You will be amazed how many fish you will catch on snorkel. When on SCUBA, you are a little more cumbersome, and therefore don't catch the buggers all that quickly.
but by the time i get to a catchable position i need more air, its a real pain in the ass. so i would rather get the scuba gear and not have to kum up for air every 10secs
Gaz, do the course first then, see if you enjoy it. I know that dive dimension offers night courses.
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